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To the Core: Alfred Bullermann Metal Designer


A Contemporary Great. Hardcover, 208 pages, 450 photos and illustrations

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It would be hard to imagine the metal design scene without Alfred Bullermann. This tall, muscular, and seemingly ever-smiling German artist-blacksmith has been raising the bar of creative standards in blacksmithing since the early 1990s.

Besides being known internationally for his work Bullermann is also well known for his commitment to young people through his design workshops for young smiths. He’s also know for legendary projects such as the “Ferro Insight 2000” Blacksmith World Congress, the “Fighting for Peace” project, and his groundbreaking documentation on the history of smelting iron.

Bullermann has created over the past 20 years a truly amazing amount of original and beautiful work! You will see a sizeable amount of this in the 450 photos (95% are in color) in this large format book.

208 pages, format 9.8 inches x 11.8 inches, text is German in left column, English in right column, about 450 color and black-and-white photographs, design drawings, project documentation and examples, workshops, seminars, events, small works and large works.

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208 pages, 450 photos and illustrations, Hardcover