Do you want to learn engraving or learn scrollwork techniques? Artisan Ideas has a good selection of gun engraving and jewelry engraving books and DVDs for you. Our engraving books and engraving DVDs are written and presented by grand masters such as Sam Alfano, Ron Smith, and James Meek.

Learn Scrollwork

One of the most important and complex designs in engraving is scrolls. For any metal engraving (e.g. jewelry engraving, gun engraving) you will need to understand the techniques of scrollwork.  Here are several of the books and DVDs we offer to learn scrollwork:

  • Scroll Design featuring Scott Pilkington (DVD)
  • Drawing & Understanding Scroll Designs by Ron Smith (Book)
  • Engraving Scrollwork – Start to Finish, by Sam Alfano (DVD)

Learn Lettering

To learn engraving you must also learn lettering. Here are a couple of our offerings:

  • Lettering Techniques for Hand Engravers by Sam Alfano (DVD)
  • Lettering, Scroll Design, Shading, featuring Gil Rudolph (DVD)


Do you have any suggestions for books or DVDs we should include here? PLEASE let me know. I’m Jim Blaho, the owner of Artisan Ideas. Email me at: Thanks!