What You’ll Find Here

Here you’ll find books and DVDs on gun assembly and gun reassembly. We have manuals and videos on gunsmithing, gun maintenance and gun skills.

Jerry Kuhnhausen Gun Manuals

We have an entire sub-category dedicated entirely to the great Jerry Kuhnhausen’s training books and DVDs.

Brian C. Sheetz, Editor-in-Chief of The American Rifleman, recently wrote the following about Jerry Kuhnhausen’s gun manuals:

“(In his manuals Jerry Kuhnhausen’s) exploration of the inner workings of firearms and their practical guidance to repair and gunsmithing are unique. Titles cover such popular firearms as Colt, Ruger and Smith & Wesson revolvers, U.S. M1911 handguns, M1 Garands and carbines and Remington shotguns. Illustrated with meticulously rendered mechanical drawings and explained in painstakingly detailed text, they make even the casual reader instantly knowledgeable”.

Muzzleloading & Black Powder

We also have a complete category dedicated to longrifles, muzzleloaders, and flintlock pistols.

Also visit our Engraving and Scrollwork category if you are a gunbuilder.

For gun assembly and gun disassembly, gunsmithing, gun maintenance and gun skills, we’ve got you covered.