Welcome to Artisan Ideas Publishing. Here you will find truly excellent books written by some of the world’s best teachers and experts in their fields.

Our Subject Areas

At Artisan Ideas you’ll find  jewelry books, blacksmith books, books for knifemakers, and books for lock collectors and locksmiths. We also have books on popular science.

Our Objectives

Artisan Ideas publishes books that are intended to last – in more ways than one. Our subject areas: blacksmithing, jewelry-making, lock-making, knifemaking, etc. are traditional crafts. The information in our books will be just as useful years from now as it is today. Our physical books are also meant to last. They are all hardcovers with lay-flat binding so that readers and students can keep them open to any page.

Authors, Libraries, Bookstores

Whether you are an author, librarian or bookstore buyer, we are glad you are here. Whatever your interest may be in jewelry books, blacksmith books, books for knifemakers, books for metallurgists, books for lock collectors, etc., we would love to hear from you! Email us at: Info@ArtisanIdeas.com.