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Antler Knife: Making a Sami-Style Knife Handle and Sheath

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Hardcover, 112 pages, 208 color photos and drawings, 10-in. x 7-in x .5-in.

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Knifemaking has become one of the USA’s fastest growing hobbies. This is a book that every knifemaker would love to have.

Antler Knife’s detailed step-by-step instructions concern 1) selecting and preparing the material for the knife’s handle and sheath (e.g., the antler, the leather, the wood and the bark), then 2) using the material to build a classic and authentic antler knife the Scandinavian way. Most of the comprehensive and valuable instructions in this book, whose author lives in northern Sweden, concern the intricacies of working with antler, a subject in which the author has over 50 years of experience. The instructions will help you to avoid mistakes and to learn important procedures, tricks and tips so you can develop your own style.

Although the author uses reindeer antler for this knife, he explains you could also use moose or caribou antler.

The author says, “I hope this book will lower the reader’s learning threshold for working with antler, easing the knifemaker into this amazing hobby, and inspire readers to use their imagination and do something new”.

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