At Artisan Ideas  you will find a good selection of knife books and knifemaking videos. There is everything from bladesmithing for beginners to advanced topics from the American Bladesmith Society. For making blades we have a title for you on almost every aspect of this profession or hobby.

Just starting in knifemaking? Learn how to make a knife from one of the USA’s great masters, Bill Moran. Are you ready to forge a Quillion Dagger? We’ve got the DVD that will show you how.

How about some real fun stuff? Do you want to forge a Viking Axe? We’ve got you covered. How about a tomahawk? We have a great DVD that will teach you that too.

Do you want to make a knife the traditional way and forge the blade yourself? Paul White will teach you how to do that. You’ll also learn an excellent, old-time, and foolproof method of attaching the wooden handle you have made yourself.

Whether it’s bladesmithing for beginners or more advanced knifemaking videos from the American Bladesmith Society, we have the right knife books and DVDs for you!