Jerry Kuhnhausen is recognized as one of the USA’s best gunsmiths, ever. We are fortunate that Jerry also wrote 15 gun books which address gun repair, gun rebuilding, gun maintainance, gunsmith training, etc. Artisan Ideas is proud to offer all of Jerry’s firearms books.

List of Jerry Kuhnhausen Gun Manuals and DVDs:


  • The Colt .45 Automatic and the M1911 pistols
  • The Colt Single Action Revolvers
  • The Colt Double Action Revolvers (D, E and I frames)
  • The Colt Double Action Revolvers (J, V, and AA frames)
  • The Ruger Single Action Revolvers
  • The Ruger Double Action Revolvers
  • The S&W Revolvers
  • The Mauser M91-M98 Bolt Actions
  • Remington M870 & M1100/M11-87 Shotguns
  • U.S. .30 Cal. Gas Operated Carbines
  • U.S. .30 Cal. Gas Operated Service Rifles, Vols. I & II (M1 & M14)


  • Gunsmithing the Colt .45 Automatic (and M1911-M1911A1 copies)
  • Gunsmithing the S&W J, K, L, & N Frame Revolvers (non powdered metal part revolvers manufactured through mid 1999)
  • Gunsmithing the Colt D, E, & I Frame Series Revolvers (Python, Official police, Det. Special, Agent, Diamondback, etc.)

Program times approx. 55-60 minutes

These DVD’s were edited from gunsmith training course materials and were orginally available only as companion videos for the Kuhnhausen Colt .45 Auto, S&W Revolver, and Volume I Colt D.A. Revolver Shop Manuals.

Although these DVD’s are still suggested for that purpose, because they add extra chapters to their corresponding manuals, all three programs stand by themselves and provide additional practical gunsmithing information.

These firearms books which cover gun maintenance, gun repair, gun rebuilding, and gunsmith training will definitely be among the most used in your gun books library.