Antique Locks and Keys Books

Artisan Ideas began publishing books on antique locks and keys in 2019. Our first book was a high quality, corrected version of Vincent Eras’ famous “Locks and Keys throughout the Ages” which has sold thousands of copies worldwide and is in the collection of the libraries at such prestigious universities as Yale, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, The Smithsonian Library, Notre Dame, etc., etc.

Our other books on vintage locks and keys have won awards and much critical acclaim.

If you are interested in the history of locks, old padlocks and keys, or you are a collector of vintage locks and keys, or want to re-create an old-fashioned blacksmith lock and key, we have books for you.


If you have any suggestions for us on lock and key books to publish, or a hard-to-find book we should be offering on our site, please let us know. My name is Jim Blaho and I’m the owner of Artisan Ideas. Please email me directly with any suggestion you may have. My email is THANK YOU!