Muzzleloaders, Antique & Old Firearms

For DVDs and books on muzzle loaders, Artisan Ideas is your online bookstore! Interested in kentucky rifles, Pennsylvania longrifles, Jaeger rifles, flintlock pistols? You’ll find something here that will interest you.

Whether you want to learn the history of Jaeger rifles or a DVD by a master who will teach you how to make one, we have what you are looking for. Do you want to build a Kentucky rifle, a Pennsylvania longrifle – then get yourself one of our DVDs and learn how to make one!

A Few of Our Books on Muzzle Loaders

  • Jaeger Rifles by George Shumway
  • Lock, Stock and Barrel: Antique Gun Repair by R. H. McCrory
  • Make Muzzleloader Accessories by R.H. McCrory
  • Patchbox Corners (Patterns for Longrifles) by G.R. Watkins
  • Powder Horns: Documents of History by Tom Grinslade

A Few of Our DVDs

  • Building a Hawken Rifle with Hershel House (DVD)
  • Building Flintlock Pistols with Mike Miller (DVD)
  • Building Muzzle Loaders I and II with James Turpin (2 DVD Set)
  • Hand-Forging a Flint Lock with Mike Miller (DVD)
  • Inletting An Octagon Swamped Rifle Barrel (DVD)