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Cartridges for Collectors Volume I (Centerfire), by Fred A. Datig

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Softcover, 176 pages, fully illustrated.

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Here is the first book in a series of reference books on cartridge identification compiled for gun enthusiasts in general and cartridge collectors in particular.

Actually this is more than a volume for collectors as it contains not only rare, odd and unusual specimens but also many of the most popular military and sporting rounds of the world today.

The concise and yet thorough text includes actual size scale illustrations, basic dimensions, average bullet weights, muzzle velocities, a brief notation as to the origins or designers and the principal weapon for which each round is intended.

All entries come under classification of drawn brass, externally primed, centerfire cases with loading of black, semi-smokeless and smokeless powders.

A special section is devoted to notes of interest and contains much data valuable to beginners and expert alike complete DWM and G. Roth Headstamp listings are included to greatly expedite identification of the hundreds of cartridges produced by those firms over the past 75 years.

A bibliography and full index arranged by caliber are further aids to the reader.

Soft cover, 9 x 5 x 0.7 inches, 176 pages, fully illustrated.

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