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Damascus with Don Fogg (an American Bladesmith Society DVD) 3 DVDs



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(NOTE: American Bladesmith Society DVDs are NOT Hollywood productions and some titles do not have DVD case art. They do offer the highest level of instruction by ABS Mastersmiths for serious knifemakers and bladesmiths)

This is a three (3) DVD set of ABS Master Smith Don Fogg demonstrating the making of Damasacus steel at the First New England Hammer In held at the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine. Don Fogg explains the process of making Damascus in detail and demonstrates the steps.

DVD #1 of 3 entitled "W Pattern" contains the following Chapters:

1. Introduction and metals used in making Damascus

2. Preparing the Damascus for the forge

3. First power hammer weld

4. First fold

5. Second fold and starting a second billet

6. Third Fold

7. Fourth fold

8. Question and Answer session

DVD #2 of 3 entitled "Jellyroll"contains the following Chapters:

1. Discussion of the two Damascus billets from DVD#1

2. Drawing the Jellyroll Damascus billet

3. Rolling the Jellyroll billet

4. Cut and re-weld the Jellyroll handle

5. Drawing the "W Pattern"

6. Forging the Jellyroll billet

7. Jellyroll 1st Mosaic fold

8. Jellyroll 2nd Mosaic fold

9. First full twist on "W Pattern" billet

10. Second full twist on "W Pattern" billet

11. Discussion of Damascus applications

DVD #3 of 3 entitled "Damascus Information"contains the following Chapters:

1. Introduction

2. Damascus firearms barrels

3. Etching process

4. Spirit pattern considerations

5. Heat treatment and etchant depth

6. Finishing a Damascus blade

7. Damascus pattern development

8. Powder metal and end grain patterns

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