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Integral Forging with Christoph Deringer (an American Bladesmith Society DVD) 2 DVDs



Universal DVD, Color

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(NOTE: American Bladesmith Society DVDs are NOT Hollywood productions and some titles do not have DVD case art. They do offer the highest level of instruction by ABS Mastersmiths for serious knifemakers and bladesmiths)

Integral Blade forging of both a drop point full tang hunter and a full tang dagger.

Master Smith Deringer forges the dagger blade, guard and tang from a single 52100 steel ball bearing.

DVD #1 of 2 contains Integral Blade Forging of a full tang Drop Point Hunter in Chapters:

               1)  Introduction

               2)  Initial Forging using Power Hammer

               3)  Hand Forging to Set Shoulders

               4)  Use of Bearing Races

               5)  Caution with 52100 Steel

               6)  Power Hammer to Reduce Bolster Area

               7)  Advantage of Coal over Gas Forge

               8)  Forging the Tang

               9)  Matching Scales to Tang

             10)  Pinning Scales to Tang & Thoughts on Ricasso

             11)  Heat Treating 52100 Blades

             12)  Planishing and Completing Blade

DVD #2 of 2 contains Integral Blade Forging of a full tang Dagger in Chapters:

           1)  Introduction

           2)  Forging Safety Apparel

           3)  Integral Blade Forging Process

           4)  Strategy for Forging the Guard

           5)  Guard Fullering & Forging Approach

           6)  Blade, Guard & Tang Alignment Tip

           7)  Double Ball Swage for Tang Configuration

           8)  Configuring & Detailing Dagger’s Blade

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