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The Art of Traditional Blacksmithing: A Norwegian Perspective by Hårvard Bergland

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Hardcover, 394 pages, over 1,000 Illustrations & Photos

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“This is another European blacksmithing textbook that is packed with information and inspiration. It has lots of material for smiths of all levels.

The beginning chapters are history, techniques, tools and some basic projects and exercises. One of them is a remarkably interesting traditional candle holder.  I made a set of them and was very pleased with the results.  There is a highly informative chapter about making woodworking tools which, seems to be an important part of Scandinavian blacksmithing.  The middle section is all about installing a power hammer and the tools that will help you get the most out of it. The later sections are about door hardware including locks, restoration work, artist blacksmithing and wheelwrighting.  You may never do some of the projects (if anyone makes a wagon wheel let me come watch/help) but that doesn’t mean some of the process don’t have other applications.

Of all the blacksmithing books I’ve read, I would compare this one to the Mark Aspery books. Aspery covers more information in three books, which is to be expected. Bergland, in his one book, offers something for all levels of skill and a ranges of interests.

The translation is excellent; easy to read and understand.  The book itself is hardback, well bound and well printed.  The pictures are in color and you can always see the detail that is being presented. He includes pictures of a variety of people’s work from around Europe. The diagrams are well done, and any instructions are clear.  Honestly, if you get one blacksmithing book this year really consider getting this one. It’s not cheap but we all know good tools seldom are.  Five out of five anvils”.Caleb Pitkin, Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths Newsletter.

THE ART OF TRADITIONAL BLACKSMITHING; A Norwegian Perspective, is a masterpiece that joins tradition with wisdom and creativity. It presents Håvard Bergland’s overview of the blacksmithing trade as a whole.

Bergland systematically documents the blacksmithing trade by gathering and presenting skills, techniques and ideas that he has tried out in the forge himself.

The book is largely self-explanatory and offers advice, ideas and inspiration to anyone who wants to be involved in blacksmithing.

It is thoroughly illustrated with more than 400 color photos and nearly 700 drawings.

Hardcover;  Dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 10 1/2″;  Pages: 394;  Illustrations & Photos: over 1,000

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