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The Blacksmith’s Cookbook by Francis Whitaker: Recipes in Iron

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Softcover, 153 pages, fully illustrated

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153 pages of Francis Whitaker at his best!!!!!

Click on the page images under the cover photo to get a good idea of how the book is organized.

Following is a reader’s  review which was written when this book was out of print and almost impossible to purchase:

"This is an excellent reference for the working blacksmith. Francis Whitaker was the grand old man of modern American blacksmithing. In this book, he has included his own formulas and techniques for the common problems invoved in forging ornamental ironwork. Francis thoroughly discusses forges and forge equipment, tools for the smithy, and basic blacksmithing operations and how they are best performed. All this is filtered through his many decades of hand-on experience at the highest levels of blacksmithing. 

I especially enjoyed this book because Francis was an opinionated, crusty old blacksmith and his persistent, forceful personality shines through in living color! 

Luckily for us, the following quote no longer holds true:

This great book is out of print now, but it is worth the effort to find yourself a copy".John Crouchet, Texas

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