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The Art of Mail Armor, by Mary Brewer: How to Make Your Own (Softcover)


Softcover, 168 pages, 450 photos, illust.

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This comprehensive guide to making mail armor is laid out in simple, easy steps that even a beginner can follow. The Art of Mail Armor instructs you in everything from assembling your tool kit and making your own links, to more complicated and intricate patterns that will personalize and tailor your mail armor for a perfect fit and custom look. Learn how to join, enlarge, round, angle, fit sleeves and add style to an ordinary piece with various trims and inlays.

Included are seven different mail patterns, including 6-on-2 and double 4-on-1 as well as original patterns that can be incorporated into many different character costumes, from full body mail armor to juggling balls to delicate jewelry.

The clearly illustrated, step-by-step diagrams will have you on your way to creating your own coifs (head coverings), hauberks (shirts), gauntlets (gloves) and bishop’s collars in no time. Even seasoned mail makers will find new ideas and techniques.

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