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Armorer’s Guild April 2004 Session (DVD) with Aaron Toman and Chuck Davis



Basic Fluting, Hot Raising a Greave, Hot Raising an Hourglass Gauntlet. DVD 73 minutes

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This 73 minute DVD covers the following three subjects:

Basic Fluting – presented by Aaron Toman. This is an excellent segment  with instruction on how to set and dress flutes using a hammer and fluting/creasing stake.

Hot Raising a Greave – presented by Aaron Toman. This portion does an excellent job demonstrating the steps necessary to get the basic shape of a greave by hot raising.
The techniques demonstrated can easily be applied to the shaping of just about anything requiring compound shapes.

Hot Raising an Hourglass Gauntlet  (This gauntlet portion alone contains over 50 minutes of succulent armour raising goodness! Guaranteed to make your mouth water) – Presented by Aaron Toman and Chuck Davis. The following subjects, above and beyond the actual raising of the gaunt are covered:

– Proper torch setting w/ rosebud tip
– Raising hammers
– Hammering technique and tips
– As well as much, much more….

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