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The Armorer’s Workshop Set: Making a Great Helm plus Making Gauntlets (4 Disc Set with Full-Scale Paper Templates)



2 DVD set includes Making a Great Helm, plus Making Hourglass Gauntlets

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The Armorer’s Workshop DVD Courses (2 DVD Set)

Peter Fuller is one of the most accomplished amorers in the world today. Through years of painstaking research and examination of actual period armor, he recreated the traditional skills of armor-craft and literally rediscovered this lost art. Now he makes it available to you in these two phenomenal DVD courses.

First DVD Course: The Armorer’s Workshop: A Step by Step Guide to Making a Medieval Great Helm (2 Disc DVD Course, plus Paper Templates)

In this phenomenal DVD course, Fuller takes you step-by-step through the process of making a medieval great helm, one of the landmark achievements in the development of armor and a piece coveted by collectors and re-enactors alike.

Fuller covers every step of this project in meticulous detail, including cutting and profiling the pieces, shaping and fitting, riveting and assembly, sanding and polishing, and constructing and adjusting the leather harness. In the process, he also presents never-before-seen instructions in the lesser-known skills of armor craft, including ‘raising’ metal to create the domed cap of the helmet.

The skills taught in this three-hour-long video course will not only enable you to make your own historically accurate, battle-worthy helmet, they represent a comprehensive apprenticeship in the armorer’s craft.

The Armorer’s Workshop: Making a Medieval Great Helm includes two DVDs with a total run time of circa 180 minutes packaged in a case plus three full-scale patterns printed on sturdy paper to help you in the construction of your own great helm. 

Second DVD Course: The Armorer’s Workshop II: A Step by Step Guide to Making Hourglass Gauntlets (2 Disc DVD Course, plus Paper Templates)

Building on the skills he imparted in the Making a Medieval Great Helm video course, Peter Fuller takes you step-by-step through the creation of the smaller, more detailed pieces that make up a pair of hourglass gauntlets, so called because of their tapering hourglass shape.

With customary attention to detail and meticulous craftmanship, he teaches you how to weld and sand individual pieces into a strong assembly, anneal and shape brass to make it easy to work, chase fine lines into your piece for historical accuracy, and polish even the smallest pieces of steel to a mirror finish consistent with the appearance of 16th century armor.

Mr. Fuller also demonstrates the all-but-lost art of ‘fluting’ a piece of brass for decoration and teaches you how to raise the gauntlet’s knuckles into their distinctive domed shape.

This video course includes 2 DVDs with a total run time of 3 hours and 15 minutes, both packaged in a case plus 2 full-scale paper patterns for the gauntlets and specialized armor-making tools, including the fluting tool.  

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