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Bronze III with Ron Hood: the Final Steps, Woodsmaster Vol. 20 (DVD)



Universal DVD, 1 Hour and 49 minutes

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Join Ron Hood and let him teach you all about………

·         Making Green Sand;
·         Importance of “Riddling”;
·         Making a Frame or “Flask”;
·         Making an indexing key;
·         Using an Electric Kiln as a Furnace;
·         What a “cone” is used for;
·         Why the magnet is your friend;
·         Low cost or free sources for Brass and Bronze;
·         How to cast fragile items in plaster;
·         How to make a wax impression;
·         Watch 2 actual molten Bronze pours and see how it’s done!
·       Ron shows you the tips and tricks to:
·       Use microwave in casting,
·       Re-use your plaster,
·       Help your plaster molds with Borax,
·       Re-use your bronze shavings,
·       Turn your pour “failures” into cool successes! 
You get all these skills and much, much more up-close, detailed instruction to complete your Bronze Casting Lessons so you can start your own Bronze Casting business and start making money TODAY!
You get 1 hour and 49 minutes of up-close, in-depth instruction.  

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1 Hour and 49 minutes