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Bronze I, II, and III with Ron Hood: Working with Bronze (3 DVD set)


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Get all 3 of Ron Hood’s Bronze dvds at a savings! 3 DVDs, Over 5 hours and 30 minutes

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Over 5 hours and 30 minutes of great information and instruction on working with Bronze!!

BRONZE I dvd: Join Ron Hood as he travels to Romania on a quest for Bronze…

Bronze is one of the cornerstones of civilization. Ancient metalworkers learned to manufacture this metal around a simple campfire.  The skills they discovered and the techniques they uncovered are all explored as Ron takes you on a tour of Romania‘s historical artifacts and treasures.

You will see the process as copies of some of these ancient artifacts are made for later casting into bronze. 

In this DVD you will learn, upclose, the basics of modeling, copying, mold making, casting and aging of bronze.  Watch Ron get his face cast into a bronze life mask from start to finish.

This DVD does not include instructions for constructing your own foundry.  But it does teach you, up close, all about preparing and casting of Bronze as you watch and learn. 1 hour and 45 minutes.

BRONZE II dvd – “The Home Foundry”. Ron teaches you to begin building the materials you need to start your own foundry business or hobby! Topics covered: Setting up your home foundry, Intro to Sandcasting, Setting up Foundry area, Safety precautions, Building a propane burner and how to test it,

Precautions for burner, How to make castable refractory cement, Building an adaptable Flower-Pot furnace, Flower Pot Furnace with propane, Flower Pot Furnace with charcoal, And of course dozens of close up tips and techniques to get you started! 2 HOURS of up-close, in-depth instruction!

BRONZE III dvd – “The Final Steps”. Join Ron Hood and let him teach you all about………

Making Green Sand, Importance of “Riddling”, Making a Frame or “Flask”, Making an indexing key, Using an Electric Kiln as a Furnace, What a “cone” is used for, Why the magnet is your friend, Low cost or free sources for Brass and Bronze, How to cast fragile items in plaster,

How to make a wax impression, Watch 2 actual molten Bronze pours and see how it’s done!

Ron also shows you the tips and tricks to: Use microwave in casting, Re-use your plaster, Help your plaster molds with Borax, Re-use your bronze shavings, Turn your pour “failures” into cool successes!

You get all these skills and much, much more up-close, detailed instruction to complete your Bronze Casting Lessons so you can start your own Bronze Casting business and start making money TODAY!

You get 1 hour and 49 minutes of up-close, in-depth instruction.  

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