BRONZE II – “The Home Foundry”

This is the companion DVD to Woodsmaster Vol 18 – Bronze.
In this volume Ron teaches you to begin building the materials you need to start your own foundry business or hobby!
Topics covered:
  • Setting up your home foundry.
  • Intro to Sandcasting.
  • Setting up Foundry area.
  • Safety precautions.
  • Building a propane burner and how to test it.
  • Precautions for burner.
  • How to make castable refractory cement.
  • Building an adaptable Flower-Pot furnace.
  • Flower Pot Furnace with propane.
  • Flower Pot Furnace with charcoal
  • And of course dozens of close up tips and techniques to get you started!
2 HOURS of up-close, in-depth instruction!
— In Bronze III Ron will be going into details of casting with the home foundry) Bronze will be a 3 part series —

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs

Hoods Woods


2 Hours