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Replicating the Type IC Neolithic Danish Dagger: Advanced Flintknapping with Greg Nunn (DVD)



A Must-Have for Bladesmiths! Universal DVD, 98 minutes

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Bladesmiths and knifemakers – get back to your profession’s or hobby’s roots!! Learn how blades were made before the Bronze Age. This amazing  DVD is incredibly interesting, informative and instructive. It goes far beyond the basic arrowhead making process.  The dagger making process is very elaborate and it lead directly into the bronze daggers of the Bronze age. It’s all explained here.

Step back in time to 2350 BC with world class flintknapper, Greg Nunn.  Using archeological evidence and complex flintknapping processes, Greg investigates how the prestigious Type IC Neolithic Danish Dagger may have been made.

Evidence suggests Type IC Daggers were for elite members of the society.  They were mainly used as male burial offerings.  Today these national treasurers are held in high regards and proudly displayed in Scandinavian museums.  These prestigious Daggers are recognized for their unique style of parallel edge to edge pressure flaking , which Greg has mastered over his years of research and experience.  

Learn how to make one of these unique and beautiful daggers yourself!!!

GREGG NUNN: Greg’s life long interests in archaeological pursuits lead to his flintknapping career which began in 1986.  Greg replicates and creates many styles of flintknapping.  He has produced exquisite flintworks for museums throughout the world and continues his exploration of the art and science of flintknapping today.

– DVD plays world wide

– 98 minutes playtime

– See ALL the steps

– Advanced techniques but great for all to enjoy

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