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Are you tired of avoiding machine projects simply because you do not own or have access to a milling machine? Learn some of the secrets to successful milling techniques utilizing your existing lathe as well as a drill press. 

I know what you must be thinking — this guy must be crazy!!! Milling on a drill press???? I, as well as none other than Rudy Kouhoupt, have been doing just that very thing for years now with entirely good results in finish as well as dimensional accuracy. You will also witness the Taig Micro Lathe  being put trough its paces milling a work piece held on the cross slide as well as with the vertical milling accessory. 

See the Taig with the externally mounted modified micro drill press to convert it into a miniature 3 in 1 machining center. See the 7 x 10 Minilathe in conjunction with the Taig vertical milling accessory performing milling cuts with hardly an effort. We finish the presentation with the 8" modified drill press performing milling on a rough block of stock held on a great little shop made milling vice. This is the only drill press with a micrometer operated locking spindle. See it being used and you too will marvel at its simplicity. 

After viewing this DVD, you should be well on your way to the pleasures of milling without having to own a milling machine. 

2 hours.

With Jose Rodriguez

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2 Hours