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Milling on the Drill Press with Jose Rodriguez (4 Hour DVD)



Yes!!! You Can Mill on the Drill Press! Universal DVD, 4 hours

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(Please Note: The Publisher of this DVD does not include cover art – on paper – in the DVD case. We supply these excellent DVDs to you as the publisher supplies them to us.)

This DVD just had to be to done in order to show most beginning micro machinists (and even some not-so-new), that if you simply cannot yet afford to add a "real" milling machine to your shop, you can still perform just about every type of milling operation in the book by using a small to medium drill press after some of the special modifications you will learn on this video. That’s not to say that you should forego ever obtaining a milling machine. Instead, the goal of this video is to show you that you simply don’t have to wait for years until the funds for that 1000-pound monster are raised. There are no special camera effects, cut-aways as work pieces are substituted. 

You will see the author performing the following: end milling, side milling, cutting shoulders, slots, slitting cuts, spot drilling, drilling tapping basic indexing on 5c spin jigs, and X & Y coordinate locating with wigglers and edge finders and much more!  

Shop made tools will be shown as well as construction information. You will also learn the simple but very effective tricks used to transform this 40 pound weakling into a capable milling tool. You will see the author’s special micrometer spindle/quill feed, accurate to .001" and locking feature he built into this tool and how it is used.  

Don’t avoid those projects requiring milling. Learn right now how it was done and begin milling in less than a few days with the help of this video. 

All in all, probably the best video on this very "taboo" subject of milling in the drill press!  

Running time: Approximately four hours 

With Jose Rodriguez

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