“Let Dave show you how to melt aluminum and brass with electricity! If you have good ventilation and are careful, you can melt indoors, rain or shine. electricity isn’t cheap, but it’s no more expensive than charcoal, and it’s right there in the wall – all you need. Best of all, you can dial up the heat you need on the thermostat, put the metal in the crucible, and go ram up your molds. After the metal melts, it will sit there at pouring temperature until you’re ready. The furnace will practically watch itself.
You can build this high performance electric furnace that runs at 1800? practically forever for very little money. And it’s surprisingly easy.

Not only that, you can use Lil’ Bertha to calcine investment molds, carburize and heat treat metal, forge, temper, anneal, enamel, fire ceramics, and many other tasks. If you go to the trouble of getting the harder-to-find temperature electric element, you can fire at 2300? for extended periods, making this furnace ideal for melting brass!

Dave will show you how to size the furnace to fit your needs, where to get and how to handle crucibles, make the electrical calculations, and more. This is typical Gingery material – top rate wall-to-wall how-to. Order a copy.” – Lindsay

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