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Illustrated Drill Manual and Regulations For the American Soldier of the Revolutionary War by Baron Von Stueben

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Softcover, 62 pages, illustrated

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This book contains excerpts from “Baron Von Steuben’s Regulations of 1778.”

The Baron was known as the Drillmaster of the American Army during the Revolutionary War in Valley Forge. His Regulations were written in 1778 and became the Official Regulations for the American Army, accepted by Congress in 1779.

Explanations are given of the terms and meanings used so that the modern reader will understand and be able to apply them to  recreated camps and battlefields. Illustrations are included.


The Good Baron was known as the Drillmaster of the American Army. In September 1777 he volunteered his services to Benjamin Franklin in Paris. His offer was accepted and the Baron sailed, reaching America on December 1, 1777. He then traveled to Washington‘s Headquarters located at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, arriving on February 23, 1778. The American Army up to this time had no uniformity in drill, discipline or maneuvers. During the Campaigns of 1776-1777 this had a detrimental effect. With few exceptions the American Army could not win in a stand up battle with the British Army in America. In 1777 the Americans had been driven from New York across New Jersey and into winter camp at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The Army had reached a low point both in numbers and morale….

Paperback, 8 ½ X 5 ½, 62 pages. Hand illustrated. Edited by A.N. Schultz, ills. R.T. Coleman.

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