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How to Design & Build a Water Resistor for Carbon Arcs by Don Meador – U



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Softcover, 52 pages, 16 illustrations

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How to Design and Build a Water Resistor for Carbon Arcs reclaims and updates an old technology once used to power carbon arcs. Experiment with carbon arc torches, carbon lamps, and carbon arc furnaces using the water resistor described in this book. The first third of the book explains the technical equations involved in designing a water resistor – how to calculate the amount of water to use, how to calculate the time required for the water to heat up and cool down, and how to calculate and modify a transformer so that the current in a carbon arc can be monitored. The other two-thirds of the book is a step by step project of how to build a water resistor using common plumbing parts, an inexpensive transformer, and a plastic bucket. With the detailed information in this book, it is possible to design a water resistor that can even be used as a power source for arc welding using coated welding rods. 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, 52 pages, 16 ill.

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