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Forging a Flintlock Rifle Barrel with Jon Laubach and Chris Laubach (DVD)



Universal DVD, 1 hour and 25 minutes

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One hour and twenty-five minutes of how to hand forge a wrought iron gun barrel tube on a coal-fired forge. Jon Laubach and his son Christopher Laubach of Barhamsville, Virginia, demonstrate the 18th century manner of forging a rifle barrel from wrought iron.

This is the first part of making a rifle barrel in traditional manner. From shaping the wrought iron skelp, to annealing the octagon tube, Jon demonstrates in close detail how to produce a 45″ long tapered and flared octagon tube.

Bonus material on forging a breechplug and on making the traditional boring bits.

Part II (Rifling a Gun Barrel DVD), also available from Artisan Ideas,  covers boring, reaming, and rifling. Mike Miller also shows how to file up and fit the breechplug, file the outside flats, then proof the barrel.

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2. Completing the Hand Forged Barrel with Mike Miller.

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1 Hour and 25 Minutes