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Building a Roadster Body Part 2 – Making the Turtledeck with Ron Covell (DVD)



Universal DVD, 109 minutes

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In part one, Ron made a wooden buck to help build a 1927 Ford roadster body. In this program, he fabricates the back half of the body – the ‘turtledeck’.

This is a challenging project, and Ron shows how to do the work with a wide variety of tools, including an English wheel, shrinker, stretcher, beading machine, and a Dake ‘Universal’ machine. You’ll learn about stretching, shrinking, doming, flanging, beading, welding, forming reverse curves, and many other advanced metalworking techniques.

He makes extensive use of a hand-held rivet gun, which is a fantastic way to move metal! There are in-depth demonstrations of metalfinishing, and of removing oil cans with heat shrinking.

You’ll love Ron’s approach to this complex project, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces, with great close-up photography and crystal-clear commentary.

Whether you’re a beginning or advanced metalworker, you’re sure to gain a wealth of knowledge from this fascinating project!

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109 minutes