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Damascus – Forging Techniques by the Bergamo Bladesmith Association

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Hardcover, 240 pages, 350 color photos

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(Note on the scanned photos from this book here above: These were scanned from the book in a very inexpert way by yours truly, and, while they do show the rich instructional content of the book, they do not at all reflect the high quality of the photos and text).

After more than 10 years of practical work and study, historical research on archeological finds, and encounters with master bladesmiths such as Henry Viallon, Cristian Moretti, and Santino Ballestra,  the Bergamo Bladesmith Association (Italy)  has decided, in the true spirit of a cultural organization,  to share their experience and findings on making damascus steel.

Damascus: Forging Techniques” is a hardcover, 240 page, practical manual with an introduction covering ancient damascus production techniques.  In simple language and with over 350 full color photos the book covers a great number of techniques for obtaining many different kinds of damascus.

It begins with simple layered damascus and moves on to explain how to make complex mosaic patterns using various advanced techniques (powder, electrical discharge machining, etc).

Moreover, other pertinent and interesting subjects are covered  such as the blade’s cutting edge, heat treating, reconstructing two swords (Longobard and Viking), oriental damascus, Indian Wootz, the Indonesian Kriss, and even the use of  damascus in firearms.

The whole last chapter is dedicated to the use of damascus steel in artistic-blacksmithing. Seven internationally recognized artist-blacksmiths present their work which, done in steel alone would be of great artistic value, but in damascus steel these objects have taken on another dimension and aroused the interest of the public. 

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