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7 x 12 Model 4100 High Torque Mini Lathe Advanced Operations with Jose Rodriguez (DVD)



The Brand New 7 x 12 High Torque Variable Speed Mini Lathe. Universal DVD, 2 hours and 23 minutes

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(Please Note: The Publisher of this DVD does not include cover art – on paper – in the DVD case. We supply these excellent DVDs to you as the publisher supplies them to us.)

Now that you have seen the basic operations this new lathe can perform in the Basic Operations DVD, we move to more advanced jobs in the form of three small projects involving operations we have not yet attempted.

Fabricate a Brass Knurled threaded knob. You will learn how to utilize a Die to thread on the lathe. Then we Knurl and decorate the edge of the knob to a gorgeous Diamond Knurl.

Turning between centers! The best way to create a super accurately turned to diameter rod or cylindrical workpiece. From a very low quality piece of aluminum casting waste we show you how to turn a diameter which will be accurate to within 1 thousands of an inch in a 5" length.

The last project will take you through the process of preparation of a workpiece by Drilling, Boring and Single Point Internal Thread Cutting to match a Master Thread Gauge.

Duration: 2 hours 23 Minutes 

With Jose Rodriguez

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2 Hours and 23 Minutes