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Edge Finding and Coordinate Location with Jose Rodriguez (DVD)



Learn the Basic Uses of Edge Finders & Wigglers. Universal DVD, 30 minutes

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One of the most important skills the mill operator can learn is Coordinate Location. Simply put, say you need to drill a hole exactly 0.875" inch in from the left edge and 2.375" inch in from the front edge of a piece of a rectangular piece of plate stock. Yes, you could probably use a ruler and a scriber, mark two lines that will intersect at the correct coordinates, but,,,, will it be exact? Likely not.

When the job calls for near perfect location of either one or dozens of holes, slots, key ways, or whatever type of cut you may require, you will need to be able to locate the milling machine’s spindle "Smack On" to the edges you will be indexing from. Once you know that your spindle is at a ZERO position, or the edge, you can now use your milling table’s X&Y travel to position the work so the spindle axis ends up directly above at the point where the two coordinates intersect. In this case it would be 0.875" from the left and 2.375" from the bottom edge.

Both the Edge Finder and Wiggler will be disscussed and demonstrated.

Duration: 30 minutes

With Jose Rodriguez

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