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The Jeweler’s Bench Reference, by Harold O’Connor (Spiral Bound)


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Soft cover, 68 pages, 13th printing, 2004

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A wealth of information on findings, processes, techniques and materials for the novice or intermediate craftsman. Instructs on care and use of equipment and gives expert information on jewelry making techniques. Vital information on fabricating, soldering, stone setting, plating and casting. 
Has birth stones, mm size converted to gauge, soldering tips, and more. A great reference. It’s compact size is just right for your bench drawer.

The Jeweler’s Bench Reference evolved from the author’s book Procedures and Formulas. A spiral back book with 68 pages. It contains clear and concise information on jewelry methods and problem solving.

The compact format of the book is meant for convenient use at the workbench, easy carrying in a coat pocket, or storage in a tool box or desk drawer. It is a compilation of information vital to every jeweler- the kind of information that will increase efficiency.

It can help the jeweler to work more independently of refiners and supply houses: using the information on alloying and reclaiming scrap, the jeweler can make many of his materials in his own workshop.

The student selecting this book gains access to many professional tricks of the trade. The material in this book was gathered in several ways. The author’s 12 years of personal experience in jewelry making and metal craft is the basis. Interviews with practicing craftsmen and teachers throughout Europe and North America provided more information, of the kind considered by these sources as essential to their daily work. Another desire, often expressed, was for checklists and notes pertaining to problems for which reference material is not published, is not available in English, or is not available in a convenient format.


Soft cover, 68 pages, 13th printing, 2004

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