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The Colt .45 Automatic: A Shop Manual: Volume 1, Expanded 10th Edition by Jerry Kuhnhausen



The Colt .45 automatic: A shop manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen provides an excellent overview of the M1911 pistol. It explains in very good language, as well as pictures, how the M1911 was designed and how it functions.

229 pages with plastic laminated soft cover, 100’s of photos and illustrations

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The Colt .45 automatic: A shop manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen is a detailed book which is extremely practical for every level of gunsmithing knowledge. This manual covers the 1911 from the lanyard loop to the barrel bushing. Contains useful information on inspection, part selection, part installation, troubleshooting and function testing. Also shows tricks the pros use to turn stock 1911s into full-blown carry and race guns. Contains instructions and illustrations on assembly and disassembly, pitfalls to avoid and areas to check for the best performance.

With this expanded 10th edition by Jerry Kuhnhausen, the original and time tested The Colt .45 Automatic: A Shop Manual pistol bench manual is now in its 18th printing and remains the best bench inspection, trouble shooting, repair, hand fitting and basic accurizing manual ever published on the subject.

Readers have commented that the new 10th edition has lots more information and might make earlier editions obsolete. All we can say is we sincerely hope not, because the earlier editions are still full of useful information – The 10th edition just has a whole lot more.

Bench edition – 229 pages with plastic laminated soft cover, 100’s of photos and illustrations, expanded 10th edition, 2015.


Almost every gunsmith, professional or amateur, has heard the name Jerry Kuhnhausen. For over 40 years, he’s been known as one of the best gunsmiths in the United States. For the past 20 years or so, Jerry’s been living in Idaho where he spends much of his time writing and publishing gunsmithing books. He has written 24 shop manuals and is an NRA life member.

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Plastic laminated Softcover