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The Art Of Building The Pennsylvania Longrifle



Spiral-bound for use at workbench, 191 pages, fully illustrated

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This large format builder’s guide concentrates on the special techniques needed to recreate an authentic original style raised carved longrifle. Heavily illustrated with line drawings, this latest edition shows many currently available castings and components and discusses their finishing and installation. The authors include chapters on little known topics of wire inlay, patchbox release devices, engraving, as well as basic lock and trigger inletting. Comb bound, it opens and lays flat on your work bench. Large 8-1/2 x 11" spiral-bound format, with 180 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:

Chapter 1 History Chapter 2 Before you Buy Chapter 3 Breeching the Barrel Chapter 4 Creating a Stock from a Blank Chapter 5 Inletting the Barrel Chapter 6 Cutting and Crowning the Barrel Chapter 7 Tennons Chapter 8 The Lock Chapter 9 Installing the Lock Chapter 10 Installing the Trigger Chapter 11 Buttoning Up! Chapter 12 Installing the Butt Plate and Toe Plate Chapter 13 Installing Ramrod Thimbles, Tailpipe and Ramrod Chapter 14 Installing the Nose Cap Chapter 15 Installing the Trigger Guard Chapter 16 Installing the Side Plate Chapter 17 Final Shaping of the Stock Chapter 18 Attachment of Inlays and Nose Cap Chapter 19 The Patchbox Chapter 20 Patchbox Release Mechanisms Chapter 21 Carving and Wire Inlay Chapter 22 Installing Sights Chapter 23 The Touch Hole and Liners Chapter 24 Staining and Finishing the Stock Chapter 25 Browning the Barrel Chapter 26 Engraving Chapter 27 Some Notes on the Sport Chapter 28 Chucks Notes: The Schimmel, Riflesmiths vs. Stockers Chapter 29 Definition of a Muzzleloader Additional Comments Glossary Bibliography

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