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The Armorer’s Workshop vol. 2: A Step by Step Guide to Making Hourglass Gauntlets (2 Disc DVD Course, plus Paper Templates)



Over 3 hours of instruction. Full-scale paper templates included in the price.

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Building on the skills he imparted in the Making a Medieval Great Helm video course, Peter Fuller takes you step-by-step through the creation of the smaller, more detailed pieces that make up a pair of hourglass gauntlets.

With customary attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship, he teaches you how to weld and sand individual pieces into a strong assembly, anneal and shape brass to make it easy to work, chase fine lines into your piece for historical accuracy, and polish even the smallest pieces of steel to a mirror finish consistent with the appearance of 16th century armor.

Mr. Fuller also demonstrates the all-but-lost art of fluting a piece of brass for decoration and teaches you how to raise the gauntlet’s knuckles into their distinctive domed shape. This video course includes 2 DVDs with a total run time of 3 hours and 15 minutes, both packaged in a case plus 2 full-scale paper patterns; one for the gauntlets and the other for the specialized armor-making tools, including the fluting tool.


Peter Fuller


After the success of his DVD course, The Armorer’s Workshop: Making a Medieval Great Helm, master armorer Peter Fuller continues your education in the art of making stunning, historically accurate medieval armor in this second original  production from Artisan Ideas.


“Peter Fuller is very detailed and thorough is his description of the tools and techniques involved in each step of the creation of the historically accurate 14 century style gauntlets including useful shop tips/tricks.

The skills taught in this demonstration are obviously applied to the gauntlet project and build on those shown in his Great Helm design video. Like many educational opportunities in metalsmithing, the lessons learned from this source can also be applied to other projects. They include fluting, chasing, elements of repoussé to shape sheet metal into 3D forms, riveting, making custom washers, annealing, polishing, raising, and some leather work. So, even if you are not into armor, this is still a great learning source.

Each step in the process of making the gauntlets is well covered verbally and visually and again “tricks” to make accomplishing the finished product easier are included. The videography is excellent, providing clear visualization and descriptions of each technique. The results are impressive.

The DVDs contain more than three hours of instruction, are easy to follow, and gave me the feeling I was in his shop receiving one on one teaching. Enjoy!” – Jeff Jarrett, The Humble News (the official publication of the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths, Vol. 40, N. 2, 2019).

Full Review from The Academy of Medieval Martial Arts

“Peter Fuller defines what a master armorer truly means. His ability to convey his knowledge and expertise in the construction of historically accurate “hourglass” gauntlets, consistent with c1370 period through the medium of DVD confirms in my books, his place as a master of the art. His caring and close attention to details clearly becomes evident during this video resulting in superior craftsmanship readily visible in the final creation. Having my own experience in armoured combat and having developed a familiarity with arms and armour of the period, I can appreciate the craftsmanship and skill required in creating this stunning pair of 14th century guantlets.

This video (two discs), begins with a review of the tools and material necessary to complete this project. This is followed with a step-wise method in the construction of the cuffs, the brass trimming, through to the finger lames and finally, assembly of the gauntlets with the attachment of the leather gloves. The images are clear and unobstructed providing the viewer with almost “hands on” experience development opportunities while watching the video. This, along with commentary from Peter offering numerous anecdotal advice, and pearls of wisdom in the form of tips and techniques such as “chasing” and “fluting”, were obviously developed with over 20 years of experience makes this video, an important part of an armorer’s reference library.

Any individual wishing to learn the art of armory would find it in their best interest to have this video and study it to eliminate or at least reduce the common errors made by armourers during their formative time. This DVD is in no doubt, an inspiration for the would-be armorer, moving him/her from thinking about it to doing it!”David M. Cvet

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2 Discs, over 3 hours