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Solo Survival Skills with Ron Hood: Woodsmaster Volume 11 (DVD)



Universal DVD 120 minutes

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SOLO: The Quest for Survival





Follow Ron hood as he travels deep into the mountains of Idaho for a two-week test of his survival skills. During his adventure he is poisoned by bad food, attacked by a moose and finds that a forest fire has destroyed most of the forest. To top it off the summer weather quickly became a two week winter storm.

With less than a pound of food for the two weeks and only a blanket and a tarp for shelter in the subfreezing temperatures you will learn how even a planned survival test can quickly become the “Real thing” You will learn about energy conservation, insulation values, wilderness travel and priorities. You will see how to make a bone fish hook, Prepare “cowboy coffee”, hunt with a club, relieve tension and much more.

This trip was the “real thing” and it’s a good thing that Hood follows his own advice to “Never Solo alone”. He gives instructions on how to prepare for such an experience and a great review of the 18 pound pack that served his needs during the 14 days of survival living. Not only is this video filled with important survival skills it is a humorous and entertaining production. We think you will enjoy this video as you learn new skills and advanced techniques. (1 hour 58 min!)

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1 Hour and 58 Minutes