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Model Engineering: A Guide to Model Workshop Practice by Henry Greenly

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Softcover, 407 pages, Illustrated

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Reprint of 1915 edition. Greenly was a frequent contributor to Work, a penny magazine of handicraft and mechanics, and this is a compilation of his articles.

Chapters include: equipment of a model engineer’s workshop; the lathe and its fitments; notes on lathe work; the various processes employed; model steam-engine cylinders; types of model steam engine cylinders; engine cranks, connecting rods, bearings and eccentrics; steam engine valve and reversing gears; model boiler design and construction; model boiler and engine valves and fittings; force pumps, injectors and gauges; firing model boilers; historical and other scale glass-case models; making a model 1-in. by 1-in. vertical steam engine; a high-speed compound condensing engine and coil boiler; a 1/2-in. scale model midland railway express locomotive; working model metropolitan railway electric locomotive; internal combustion engines; model railway engineering, miscellaneous working models, and model G.C.R. Express locomotive.

Softcover, 407 pages, Illustrated

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