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Make a Japanese Style Sword with Walter Sorrells (3 DVD Set)


4 Universal DVDs, 5 hours and 35 minutes total run time!

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This 4 DVD Set contains: Forging Japanese Style Blades (2 DVDs), Hybrid Polishing: Japanese Sword Polishing for Modern Blades (1 DVD), Making Hamons (1 DVD).            

In this DVD set, you’ll learn all you need to make a modern sword in the Japanese tradition…starting from absolute square one!  Traditionally the Japanese sword was made in stages by a number of craftsmen – the bladesmith, the polisher, and various craftsmen who made the scabbard, the handle and its fittings.  But the blade is at the heart of the enterprise. 

This set of DVDs covers the forging and heat treating of the Japanese sword as well as the complex subject of polishing, without which the unique features of the Japanese sword remain hidden beneath the surface of the steel.  Included is a DVD teaching you all about how to produce the hamon – often referred to as a temper line – which is the defining characteristic of the Japanese sword. 

This four-DVD set was carefully edited with crystal clear audio and tons of extreme close-ups so you won’t miss a single detail . By Walter Sorrells, producer of the bestselling ‘Make a Complete Japanese Sword Mount DVD Set’. 

5 hours and 35 minutes total run time!


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5 hours and 35 minutes