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Intermediate Slipjoints with Chris Crawford (Knifemaking DVD)



Universal DVD, 4 hours and 36 minutes

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In 2001, I put together an online tutorial demonstrating how to build a slipjoint. Then in 2009, I released a DVD demonstrating the process. As you can imagine, my methods changed between 2001 and 2009, and they have continued to change since then.

I’m replacing the DVD that I released in 2009 with two new titles, Basic Slipjoints and Intermediate Slipjoints.

In this three DVD video set I demonstrate how to make a more advanced slipjoint than I did in the basic video. I also use more advanced tools and equipment, which allows me to produce a higher quality knife.

The knife that I make in this video has an O1 blade and spring, jigged bone scales, and nickel silver bolsters, liners, and pins.

Some of the topics covered here that are not covered in the basic video are:

– Building a knife from a hardened pattern

– Making the liners and bolsters

– Preparing the handle material

– Cutting a nail nick

– Marking the blade

– Making and using washers

– Finishing out the parts

– Peening and spinning the pins

(Running Time: 4 Hours 36 Minutes)

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4 hours and 36 minutes