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Make a Complete Japanese Sword Mount with Walter Sorrells (2 DVD Set)


Universal DVD, 5 hours running time!

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This 4 disc set contains: Mounting Japanese Swords (2 DVDs), and Making Japanese Sword Fittings: Habakis and Other Fittings (2 DVDs).            

In this multi-DVD set, you learn everything you need to know in order to make a complete Japanese sword mount from scratch.  In the first program, MOUNTING JAPANESE SWORDS, you’ll not only learn the basics of carving and lacquering the saya (scabbard),  you also learn to make the tsuka (handle) including the complex silk cord wrap which is its most distinctive feature.  

In order to make the mounting properly, it’s important to understand the function of each part of the mount.  All of this will be covered. 

The second program, JAPANESE SWORD FITTINGS, shows you how to make simple fittings from scratch, including the habaki, the fuchi, the kashira and various other items such as the shito-dome.  Also included are detailed instructions for making a variety of crucial tools and fixtures.   

This remarkable four-hour set of DVDs was carefully shot in Hi-Def, with crystal clear audio and tons of extreme close-ups so you won’t miss a single detail. 

By Walter Sorrells, producer of the bestselling ‘Making a Japanese Sword DVD Set’.

5 hours run time.

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