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Lost Books: Chasing and Repoussé by Charles Lewton-Brain (CD-rom)



Hundreds of pages about chasing and repousse, more information on the subject than you can find anywhere in one place!!

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This CD has hundreds of pages about chasing and repousse, more information on the subject than you can find anywhere in one place.

Charles Lewton-Brain spent 30 years looking for and researching rare, hard-to-find books from the 1880’s to the 1940’s that dealt with chasing. This CD constitutes the first full survey of this information ever done.

There are pdf extracts from 20 books here. There is also a real treat: dozens of pages of Lewton-Brain’s writing about chasing, repousse and tool making.

There are step-by-steps on making chasing tools, hardening and tempering and hundreds of pictures of chasing tool faces and types.


The Lost Books Section of the CD:

– Bick, A. F., Artistic Metalwork, Bruce Publishng Company, Milwaukee, 1940, 6 pages from 236

– Davidson, P. Wylie , Educational Metalcraft, 1913, 14 pages (book is 227 pages)

– Diderot, “Ciseleur”, Enclopaedia of Diderot, circa 1760, 4 pages of hundreds.

– Gee George, “The Goldsmiths Handbook”. 1918, 6 pages of 260 pages.

– Gee, George, “The Silversmiths Handbook”, 1921, 5 pages of 222 pages.

– Louis Haas, Art Metal Work and Jewelry, 1946, (1st edition 1016), 5 pages from 110+ pages

– Harrison, John, Decoration of Metals, Chapman and Hall, London, 1894, entire book

– Hart G. H. and Keeley, Golden, Metal Work for Craftsmen, Isaac Pitman and Sons, 1932, 10 pages from 156

– Hartley, W.,”Pewter and Repousse Work”, from the Practical Instruction Handbook

– Edited by A. Neal, undated, early 20’s , 64 of 168 pages Top

– Haslope, L. L., Repousse for Amateurs, Upcott Gill, London, 1900, entire book

– Horth, AC, Beaten Metal Work.pdf 1946, 9 pages from 99 pages.

– Kronquist, Emil , Metalcraft And Jewelry .1926, 30 pages of 191

– Kronquist, Emil, Art Metal Work, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1942, 14 pages of 204,

– Manzoni, Peter, Metalcraft for Amateurs, Beacon Handicraft Series, Boston, 1936, 13 pages of 136

– Maryon, Herbert. Metalwork & Enamelling, 1912, 1954, (3rd ed), 15 pages from 331.

– Augustus Rose and Antonio Cirino, Jewelery Making & Design, 1917, 14 pages, of 463

– Smith, F. R. , 1931, 17 pages of 251, Small Jewellery

– Wigley, Thomas, The Art of the Goldsmith & Jeweller, 1911, 7 pages of 340 pages.

– Wehde, Albert, Chasing And Repousse, 24 pages, 1924

– Charles Lewton-Brain’s Notes and Step by Step chasing and tool making sequences

– Where to find chasing tools cheaply and to repurpose tools into chasing tools.

Chasing tool sources.pdf

– How to make a chain chasing tool step by step.


– Introduction to chasing and repousse

Chasing repousse Intro.rtf

– Internet links for chasing

Chasing Repousse links 05.htm


– Over 200 images of chasing tool and stamp faces. 

– A pdf of the same chasing tool images.

Chasingtool pics.pdf

– A step by step of how to make a forming chasing tool from a concrete nail.

Concrete Nail.pdf

– Cheap ways of making your own dapping tools.

Dapping Tool Notes.rtf

– A pdf showing the shapes and sizes of Charles’ chasing hammers.

Hammer Images.pdf

-A step by step showing hardening and tempering of chasing tools.

Hardening and Tempering.pdf

LEWTON-BRAIN Section “Chasings”

– A collection of images of Charles’ chased work over the years.

– A step by step showing how to make a basic forming tool for chasing.

Making a forming tool.rtf

– Information regarding safety when working with pitch.

Pitch Safety Notes.doc

– Another version of this information.

Pitch Safety Notes.rtf

– A step by step showing how to hot forge a chasing tool to make a spiral stamp.


– Hundreds of images of a trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand and a visit to a master chaser.


– A step by step showing how to hot forge and shape a ‘loaf of bread’ type forming tool for chasing.

Upset Tool.pdf

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