With over 60 years of leather sheath making experience Paul Long is a master and a great teacher. In these two DVDs you will go from learning the basics of leather sheath making to  advanced techniques and patterns. The Leather Tips DVD offers valuable advice and suggestions and will answer many of the questions you’ll eventually have regarding many aspects of leather sheath making. The three DVDs together contain almost 4 hours and 45 minutes of excellent instruction.


1) Basic Pouch Sheaths with Paul Long: Watch Paul as he builds a pouch sheath from start to finish. In this DVD Paul explains the materials used, the tools used, and the sheath making process in detail.

Some of the topics covered are: The importance of accurate pattern making; How to line the inside of the sheath with deer skin; Working with the belt loop; Tooling the front of the sheath; Assembling and applying the sheath’s final finish.

(Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes)

2) Advanced Blade Sheaths with Paul Long: This DVD expands on the techniques covered in Paul’s first DVD, Basic Pouch Sheaths. While you will get to watch Paul build a more complex sheath from start to finish, some of the explanations about the materials used, the  tools used, and the basic process of sheath making are not covered with the same level of detail as they are in the first DVD.

Some of the advanced topics covered are: An explanation of the more complex patterns; Adding a beaver tail inlay to the front of the sheath; Making overlays for the front of the sheath; Tooling a quilt pattern into the overlays; Adding a custom belt stud.

(Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes).

3) Leather Tips from a Master (Knife Sheath Tips) with Paul Long: This DVD is a supplement to Paul’s first two sheath DVDs. While Paul does not construct a finished sheath in this DVD, he does take the time to answer some viewer questions, demonstrate some advanced tooling techniques, and give valuable leather working tips that are a result of his many years of experience.

The topics covered in this video are: Tooling Demonstration; Basket Weave; Arrow Heads; Geometrics; Shell Crescents; Crazy Legs; Camouflage Borders; Carving Discussion; Leather Working Tools; Various Belt Loop Types; Odd Shaped Sheaths Discussion; Fixing a Broken Thread; Artisan Support Information.


(Running Time: 1 Hour 12 Minutes)


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