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Hinges and Hinge-Based Catches for Jewelers and Goldsmiths by Charles Lewton-Brain

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by Charles Lewton-Brain.

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“This is a book that belongs in every jeweler’s and metalsmith’s reference library.” – Larry Newhouse in the “Michigan Silversmiths Guild Newsletter”.

This book analyzes hinges and hinge-like mechanisms in a manner never done before in a single volume. We feel it will be a classic. Along with history, generics, classes of hinges, guiding principles, sections include: design, tube making, hinge pins (force-fit, riveted, upset, tapered, cotter type, tubing, square, threaded, stud), hinge types (basic, thick-walled, locket, bracelet, box, block, cold-rolled, tab, cast and milled), lubrication, catch systems, hidden, alternative, cast hinges and solving design problems. Good index and table of contents. 112 pages, over 200 line drawings.
Following are reviews of the book:
“This is a book that belongs in every jewelers and metalsmiths reference library. It is probably the most comprehensive publication I have ever read on the subject. From the first page of introduction to the final pages of references, Charles Lewton-Brain presents hinges and related mechanisms in a manner that exemplifies his skill as a writer and educator.
High school and college instructors will find this is a useful reference book, not only for technique, but also for the methods Charles uses to encourage thinking design problems through to a workable solution.
Another nice feature about Charles Lewton-Brainâ??s new book is the inclusion of tips and tricks that can make our jobs easier, such as Linda Chowâ??s homemade flex shaft tool for rapidly upsetting a tubing rivet.
Along with an extensive discussion of history, generics and types of hinges, the book reviews the basics of soldering, making tubes and hinge design. These sections are followed by detailed discussion and drawings of basic knuckle options, hinge pins, hinge-based catch systems, locking rail catches, tension-based catches, hidden hinges, alternative hinges and much more”. – Review by Larry Newhouse in the “Michigan Silversmiths Guild Newsletter”.

I recently bought Charles Lewton-Brain’s book Hinges and Hinge-Based
Catches for Jewelers and Metalsmiths. I want to take this opportunity to thank the author, and to tell anyone who is interested how much I love
this book. OK, I admit it. I’m an art nerd. But at least I have you
folks to talk to–very few people I know would understand getting so
excited about a book with this title. But I’m reading it as avidly
as I would a steamy novel.
First of all, it is exactly what I need for an ambitious design I’ve
been struggling with for quite a while. Beyond that, though, it is
comprehensive and clearly written, with the most information in the
fewest possible words–but not too few. It really de-mystifies the
whole hinge thing. I can’t wait to try some of the ideas. I
recommend it to anyone who does construction at all, and doesn’t
already own it.
Thanks for giving me a chance to enthuse!”.
Noel, The Orchid Archives.

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