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Gas Welding Aluminum, Beginning and Advanced with Kent White (2 DVD Set)


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Universal DVD, Almost 5 hours of excellent instruction!

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This set contains ‘Gas Welding Aluminum’ with one DVD, and ‘Gas Welding Aluminum 2.1, "The Difficult"’ with 2 DVDs. Both are presented by the great Kent White, the Tin Man.

Total running time for this set is 4 hours and 59 minutes!

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GAS WELDING ALUMINUM: Oxy-acetylene torch welding is covered in depth, starting with bottle safety, regulator pressure settings, and torch adjustment for different material thicknesses from .040" to .063". Flux types and applications are then discussed, followed by tacking methods, and distortion and crack control. Horizontals ("in-position") as well as vertical ("out of position") welding methods are demonstrated. Special attention is given to proper eyewear, flux cleanup, planishing, and filing.

EAA and Skinned Knuckles Magazine rated 4 star/aircraft.

NOTE: Professional welders with 30 years experience have phoned to tell us how valuable this tape is.

(Two-camera shoot, and filmed through the Special Lens.)

GAS WELDING ALUMINUM 2.1, THE DIFFICULT: First, I want to give the viewer/student a lot of clearly demonstrated "torch-time" on all the points covered here. This is a fascinating topic, the methods are amazingly practical and it is simply a lot of fun to solve aluminum joining problems with solid technical know-how. In fact, as I was filming this material hundreds of teaching and research episodes came to mind, greatly supporting our effort.

Second, I wanted to cover all of the gritty set-up and trouble-shooting information, because so much misinformation gets passed around and just confuses people. Also, I wanted to show different approaches to single problems. Since welders constantly ask me about the "TIG vs Torch" issue, I was more than ready to finally contrast all of the pros and cons with both welding systems.


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