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From Log to Log House

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Hardcover, 334 pages, 500 illustrations

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In the olden days, building with logs was common-place everywhere when trees were plentiful. It was the only way of providing oneself with a house or outbuildings.The craft of log building is a trade that takes considerable skill. If you intend to build your own log home, or a log shed, this book may give you some ideas of styles and floor plans.

Anybody who is capable of swinging an axe will also be able to craft a notch. Log tightness and joint precision need not always be perfect, but should be suited to the use of the building. The important thing is that the participating individual, with his hands on an axe, feels the happiness of building a log house,

Format: Hardcover Dimensions: 6 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ Pages: 334 Illustrations: 500

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