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Forged and Antler Knife (Two Book Set)


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These two original knifemaking books have something for every knifemaker, beginner or experienced alike. FORGE will teach you how to make knife using the traditional method of blacksmiths of old — FORGING while Antler Knife will guide you into making a traditional Sami-Style Knife using antler to make the knife’s handle.

Both books are hardcover with layflat binding, with over 350 color photos and illustrations and 244 pages combined.

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This book will teach you to hand build a knife using the traditional method of blacksmiths of old — FORGING. 

Traditional forging of a knife blade is a process which uses the ancient techniques of moving hot steel with hammer and anvil alone into a knife-form that is ready for filing, heat treating and sharpening with no or very minimal electric grinding.

This book also teaches traditional fit-and-finish skills using only hand tools. It explains an ancient riveted full-tang handle construction system that surpasses modern methods. 

In the author’s words; “In my early blacksmithing years, I was lucky to get to know some old smiths who wrangled hot iron every day just to make a living. They unselfishly taught me traditional blacksmithing skills and knife forging methods. Every time I use those skills and methods, I honor their friendships, and by teaching you, the reader, we keep alive the memory of those old-time iron pounders.”

Hardcover, 132 pages, 150 photos and illustrations, $29.95.

Antler Knife

Antler Knife: Making a Sami Style Knife Handle and Sheath by Ulf Avander will teach you how to make a traditional Sami-Style Knife using antler to make the knife’s handle.

The book’s detailed step-by-step instructions concern:

  • selecting and preparing the material for the knife’s handle and sheath (e.g., the antler, the leather, the wood and the bark)
  • using the material to build a classic and authentic Sami style knife the Scandinavian way.
  • as a bonus section, Ulf Avander guides you in building a traditional Kosa made out of wood

Most of the comprehensive and valuable instructions in this book, whose author lives in northern Sweden, concern the intricacies of working with antler, a subject in which the author has over 50 years of experience. The instructions will help you to avoid mistakes and to learn important procedures, tricks and tips so you can develop your own style.

Although the author uses reindeer antler for this knife, he explains you could also use moose or caribou antler.

The author says, “I hope Antler Knife will lower the reader’s learning threshold for working with antler, easing the knifemaker into this amazing hobby, and inspire readers to use their imagination and do something new”.

Knifemaking has become one of the USA’s fastest growing hobbies. Antler Knife – Making a Sami Style Knife Handle and Sheath is a book that every knifemaker would love to have.

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