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Foie Gras, Caviar, Salmon & Goose in the Recipes of 31 Great Chefs by Antonello Pessot, Alana Jolanda de Colo’ (USED)

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Hardcover, 137 pages, color photos

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“Antonello Pesot is something more than a craftsman of flavor. I think of him as a talent scout for endangered foods.” – Carlo Petrini, President, International Slow Food Movement.

“Someday (Antonello Pessot) will be credited with both preserving and renewing the patrimony of Italy’s salumieri. In a world that has grown suspicious of red meat, he has opened an entire new frontier by substituting the goose.” – Corrado Barberis, President, Italian institute of Rural Sociology (INSOR).

Jolanda de Colo’ is one of Italy’s premiere producers and importers of specialty meats and preserved fish. Smoked salmon, venison and beef; caviar, foie gras and sturgeon; duck, goose and a wide variety of salumi made from the latter are just a few of the many products which it supplies daily to fine restaurants and delicatessens throughout the country. Over a thirty year period its founders Antonello Pessot and Alana Jolanda de Colo’ won the trust and respect, not only of Italy’s most demanding palates, but also of its most prominent organizations dedicated to the preservation of artisanal products – from Slow Food to INSOR.
This book includes a series of profiles of the company’s most illustrious admirers, many of whom have contributed recipes that employ its singular products. Additional creative input is provided by the owners of wine bars and enoteche who offer a wide range of ideas for the light bites which are the moving force behind the growing Italian phenomenon of the ‘happy hour’.

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