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Digital Temperature Control for the Blacksmith Forge by Whitney Potter

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Softcover, 62 pages, illustrated, full color

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You wouldn’t drive your car with the accelerator floored all the time, but this is exactly how most blacksmith forges work. 

Most designs waste a lot of fuel by running a lot hotter than they need to.  In this book you will learn how build a digital temperature controller for any gas-fired blacksmith forge. 

You can save a lot of money by only running your forge as hot as you need it for the job.  You can also tune your burners much more accurately with the instant temperature feedback you get. 

Metals like bronze and copper are much easier to forge when you can dial in a working temperature which won’t melt them. 

Inexpensive parts and simple instructions can help you bring your shop into the 21st century.

62 pages, illustrated.

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