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Der Kunstschmied (The Blacksmith) by Otto Schmirler

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Hardcover, 224 pages, 751 photos and illustrations

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“The Otto Schmirler Books are of enormous value to any beginner and also for those of us that are experienced blacksmiths. It is nice that these books can be obtained, and it is also our duty to pass on this information to new generations to retain this old art”. – John Adolph (Realistic Art) Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

In The Blacksmith (Der Kunstschmied), Otto Schmirler provides an account of work done by a master craftsman and his assistants. His purpose for this book, first published in 1977, was to reawaken the interest in, and understanding for, the art of wrought ironwork. This book marks the beginning of Schmirler’s guiding principle; to pass on what has been learned and proven for the very essence of our craft is the handing down of experience from generation to generation. What Schmirler passes on in this book are over 750 of his drawings and photos of his work. The drawings show the master craftsman at the creative phase and the photos document the final work of art.

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