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Change Gear Devices by Oscar Perrigo (OOP)

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Softcover, 81 pages, well illustrated

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This book is no longer available from the publisher. These are the last few copies available.

"Showing the development of the screw cutting lathe and the methods of obtaining various pitches of threads."

Perrigo considered 164 different patents pertaining to change gears issued from 1854 through 1903 when this was written. After throwing out all the impractical designs, Perrigo examines the remaining twenty-nine.

You get a small, well-illustrated, fascinating book showing how the headstock of the engine lathe  could be geared to the lead screw to get exactly the feed needed. It’s not only about gearing, it’s about the history of the lathe, the ingenuity that went into machine design in general.

There are only three chapters as such: early lathe history, the patents, and the conclusion. But you’ll see an old lathe with an oak bed, thread chasing techniques, pin gears and lantern pinions, and then gearing patents by Sellers, Humphreys, Bley, Miles, Riley, Wendel Norton, and many others.

Fun reading for the machine nut (like you.) Great history. Interesting details about how these devices worked (some seem quite strange) and what their strengths and weaknesses were. A gem of a little book. I think you’ll like it. Get one." – Lindsay


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